Sunday, July 8, 2012

Return to the kitchen

The near constant socializing and eating out the past few weeks made me surprisingly excited about cooking this weekend. We stayed in the fast few nights and I dirtied the kitchen and filled our stomachs using recipes from these websites and cookbooks.
 - The peach pie is from smittenkitchen - a favorite for the past few years and best one day following baking when it's cold and everything is gelled together, but before it gets mushy.
 - The potatoes were yanked from the garden, scrubbed, steamed and dressed with a simple lemon and olive oil recipe from Peter Berley's book The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen which I requested as a gift a few years ago and have yet to really dive into. I really should read through it!
 - Then there were two tomato dishes which succeeded in lightening the giant basket of tomatoes by about half; one old favorite corn and tomatoes with feta and thyme described in this blog post, and the other from a new book recently gifted to me by friend and dessert blogger at Vintage Sugarcube. From Seed to Skillet and is mostly gardening hints, with some recipes thrown in for how to cook what you have grown. I didn't have all the ingredients so it ended up as a light saute of fresh tomatoes and corn with pinto beans, butter and a touch of cayenne. Good as a side dish, but I would kick up the amount of spice if I serve it alone. Still have all the cherry tomatoes to deal with... maybe some of this pasta salad tomorrow?

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