Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Comicrazy excited

Been doing some important research prepping for Comicon and getting quite excited. Still scratching the surface, but here's what I've found so far.

If you don't have Comicon badge you can still geek out majorly at all these events:
  • Dawn of the Con on Thursday night is a free party at Petco park hosted by Rob Zombie to kick off the weekend. Me thinks this will contain some metal. 
  • If you want something softer Thursday night, the symphony is performing music from Legend of Zelda. This is at the outdoor theater so you should be able to wander by and hear it. 
  • There's the Extra Stage out by the waterfront sponsored by WB that will get a lot of attention, with some big names like Kevin Smith, Kevin Bacon, and all 6 batmobiles. You might be able to spend all day there if you walking around isn't your thing. Basic info link, specific schedule link
  • Speaking of walking around, I'm all in on the Walking Dead Escape - an obstacle course you run through while avoiding zombies (you can also be a spectator). Seems like there will be tix available day of (thurs, fri or sat), or pre-order ASAP. This is officially sanctioned and their prep and background is awesome. Link to tix, link to the zombie tracking site
  • Friday afternoon, party with the guys at the workaholics happy hour event (first come first served) at the Hard Rock Hotel's rooftop pool FLOAT from 2-5 link
  • Yahoo is creating a Movieland at 520 5th ave across the street with movie props, some celebrities, and my favorite, photo booths 
  • A black and white creepy Tim Burton garden? Right up my alley from 11-8 Fri-Sat you can go see this HGTV built Frankenweenie themed garden at the Hilton Gaslamp. Plus there's photo ops. 
  • Sega arcade opens Wed-Sun at 200 Harbor drive and looks fun (says a non-gamer) 
  • Panels at Nerd HQ link - some are sold out and these cost $ but I have to say I discovered NTSF:SD SUV (super funny watch here) a few days ago and love it. Tempted to buy tix for that panel... 
  • The park at 5th and K is being taken over by NBC to promote Grimm, even the Tin Fish restaurant will be remade in theme and if that isn't enough their makeup artists will color your skin more
  • The New Children's Museum is being taken over by the cartoon network featuring Finn and Jake 
  • If you are a night owl you can watch a taping of Hollywood Babble on at the House of Blues. We saw Kevin and Ralph do a taping a few months ago in Solana Beach - damn funny stuff (and quite dirty)! 
  • Gamers can go to the Gaslamp Hilton to play Bioware's new multiplayer game and communally melt into zeroes and ones 
  • Spike tv is showing a live Comicon program Friday 1-4 PST (note to self, remember to set DVR) 
  • Afterparty at whiskey girl Sunday at 6 
  • Here's a list someone made of all the parties that is way too long for me to even thing about summarizing. Lots of geek partying about to be had. link

If you do have a Comicon badge:
  • Congratulations on planning ahead, I'm sure you've already visited the official website. Cheers.

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  1. Such a good time. Next year I have to get a 4-day pass and take Friday off to see everything.