Sunday, July 8, 2012

What garden?

Despite having been mostly abandoned for wedding related activities, things have been happening in the garden. All the peaches are gone, the dogs guilty of a few but the birds/bugs probably got the rest. The plums luckily had enough foliage that the birds didn't find them - the 3 on the burgundy tree were huge and magnificent. Blackberries are rock stars - I can find 10-15 to eat every couple days that are very ripe. I wait until they're practically falling off to eat them. I had to bid adieu to the brandy boy hybrid that gave me so much goodness  - the stems are brown... but there's plenty tomatoes elsewhere and one big sized fruit coming over the wall that may be a partial replacement. Speaking of which - the world's ugliest tomato was hanging over the wall - what a nasty probiscus! One cantaloupe has become big and I've got a few squashes that are almost big enough to declare viable - looks like 1 butternut and one kabocha. Harvested the second batch of potatoes gently so as to not disturb the yams. Threw some more yams in the ground that were leaving out in the cabinet because we didn't eat it fast enough. And moved the lemon babies into much larger pots, hoping they'll grow big quickly if their roots have room to grow. Some are from seed and some from cuttings. Aside from the green beans which are almost done and the tomatoes that are endless, I'm mostly just waiting for everything else in the veggie garden to grow up and fruit. Seems like I didn't water enough to make the garden happy this year... lots of seeds didn't sprout or got to be a few inches and petered out. Need to do a full refresh of the soil and water like crazy come fall.

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