Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Days

We up and got married over the weekend. It was lovely - a superb day. In standard form, I've been processing and finding little things I should have done differently with the wedding, with the main one being that I kind of petered out at the end and wish I had taken a moment an hour or two before it ended to change into my comfy shoes, put on my glasses, and have an adult beverage. (This couldn't have been predicted, but I forgot to drink alcohol after the cocktail hour. I think I was too busy trying to talk to everyone and be at the right time/place for all the events like the toast, first dance, cake cutting, etc.). Being more comfortable would have relaxed me and given me more energy to keep going. BUT seriously the evening was awesome, vendors amazing, everyone had fun and I just can't wait to see the pics from the photographer. And for balance, I was really glad we hosted events Thursday, Friday and Sunday to visit with all the people who came in from out of town. That gave us a chance to have real conversations.

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