Saturday, April 30, 2016

What's ripe now (last day in April)

Had my the fruit tree specialist over today to re-stake the avocado trees which are growing up big and strong. He pointed out the navel oranges are ripe, which surprised me because they're still quite green. But they passed the taste test with flying colors. And lots of little fruit seem to be set on the tree for next year. Also was overjoyed to have a pair of cherries ripen two weeks ago... The bloom was amazing and seemed like I'd get hundreds, but I'll take the two that made it. They tasted great and the first home grown cherries we've ever had. Some of the peaches are big and colorful and I'll need to keep my eye on them as they seem like they'll be ready in a few weeks. Also learned the Lamb Haas is estimated to ripen in July, so the one I picked 2 weeks ago was way early... no wonder it hasn't ripened on the counter... So glad to have the expert over to impart wisdom. Oh yah, the other thing he said was to wait to thin the mandarins until they are nickel size. That was one of the trees already at this house and it's got a healthy crop ready to eat now and what seems like thousands in line for next year (and the tree can't hold up that much fruit), so I will likely need to do some thinning. We lost a branch to heavy fruit about a month ago; makes me want to get ahead of that happening again.

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