Saturday, June 8, 2013

What's ripe this week?

Early last week a coworker asked about the garden and all I could report back on was peaches, small tomatoes, and some green onions. Well a lot has changed - all this other stuff has ripened since then.
  • Tayeberries (eaten 3 of estimated yield 10 but that's better than last year!)
  • Blackberries (eaten 5 of estimated yield 100 - they'll ripen gradually)
  • Plums (eaten about 6 of estimated 40 between the Burgundy tree and 5-in-1 which is way more yield than last year. It's probably the Beauty ripening first on the multigraft)
  • Large tomatoes (eaten 5 out of estimated 50+. I'm a little afraid they'll all ripen at once)
  • Figs (only a few ripe now, the madness will start in about a month)
  • Cucumbers (the first ones are coming in now, the majority ready in a month or two)
  • Green beans (noticed the first this morning)
  • Lemons (it's a Eureka tree that was planted about 9 months ago but is just now coming into stride with enough fruit ripening consistently that we can stop buying lemons at the store)

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