Saturday, June 8, 2013


Last night I picked a 10-lb basket of tomatoes. Some ripe, some not yet ripe, they all came into the house as I'm determined to get to them before the birds and mice poke holes in them. Then I bagged up the biggest unripe ones to protect from fruit flies. All systems go at tomato protection right now. Which is a little silly with what looks like it will be a gigantic yield this year, BUT with them just starting to ripen I've only eaten about 5 and they still seem precious. 
I went to my plant log to tell you what kind they are and there are no entries since March! Not cool. Especially because I don't like the little cherry plant and want to make sure I don't buy it again... It's growing everywhere (taking over the yard) and the fruits are so small (pea size) they don't even seem worth picking/eating. Well I can tell you the pink ones are a hybrid from my yard/compost that volunteered in the flower bed. They're very good when pink and firm, but if you let them get red and soft they're rotten. At the garden store, I bought 2 kinds of big reds in 4-inch pots, some are the variety "San Diego" and some are a Brandywine hybrid - there's 3 plants but I'm not sure which kind I doubled up on or where I planted them. One of them has grown very large and must have 100 fruits on it, some of which are very large and sexy.
I've also got some large tomato plants grown from seeds that are in pots - these seeds are either saved from the farmers market tomatoes a few years ago or seeds I saved from plants grown in my yard last year. Must get better with record keeping... These plants are younger and are fruiting but haven't grown big enough to show if they'll be red or yellow (fingers crossed some will be yellow). 

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