Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mutant squash and dimpled peach

Was hoping this big yellow thing was a spaghetti squash (although I don't remember planting one) or a delicata squash (I definitely planted those seeds and hadn't seen fruit yet) but alas this must be a mutant.  Now that I've found an actual delicata squash (green with stripes), it's time to hack back the mutant and make more room for other things to grow (like the lemon tree you can see in the pic). I might cut it up eventually and see what it looks like inside, but expectations are low as the mutants from past years had thick skin and we unimpressive inside. Hmm... might be a better plan to just store it until halloween/fall and bring it out as a decoration.
Meanwhile, I picked these peaches with members a few weeks ago from the multigraft. The larger peach is the first from the mid pride tree that is moments away from having perfectly ripe fruit. It has dimples so I held it out to photograph and Max wandered up... you could call it a learning opportunity as I let him get really close to it before telling him NO! but it really felt more like entrapment. =)
The 4-in-1 peach tree was not thinned enough and gave us hundreds of tiny fruits. In May the first 3 varieties all ripened at about the same time: May pride, Flordaprince, and desert gold. There was enough harvest to make 2 pies and a peach buckle. The Mid-pride tree and the branches of Mid-Pride on the multigraft tree are on track to all ripen at the same time so I may consider jam or more baking (note to self, take inventory of jam supplies soon!). I love to eat them fresh but max out at 4 or 5 a day.

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