Monday, May 27, 2013

More in the "took this and made this" category

Not to disappoint as I know you've been eagerly awaiting a report on what went on around here on the 2nd and 3rd days of the long weekend.
  • Peaches the farm boy picked became a peach buckle (in my iron skillet that I love). Recipe here (super yummy - what I call a grown up dessert as it's not super sweet)
  • Spent mash from beer making became dog treats. 
  • Winter crops were pulled to make way for newly sewn seeds.
  • The Parsnips that were pulled became patties (adapted from Laurels Kitchen cookbook which was given to me in the way back days and I don't use much but should revisit it more often. There's some great finds in there like the veggie lasagna that is a ton of work but so, so yummy.) 
  • Tiny red cherry tomatoes went in the guacamole - they are so small they almost don't seem worth picking (but they look pretty next to avocado). Not sure about this plant, so I hacked it back to half its size but might be gone before July to make space for something more yummy. Gotta make a note not to buy this type again... 

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