Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring and fall and confusion

We just got back from a few weeks in New Zealand which was wonderful but it was a bit of a head trip too. We started near Nelson and Takaka which are the warmer parts full of farms. I snagged a huge back of apples for $3 and couldn't help myself so also grabbed a huge bag of pears for $3. The pears were sweeter and I took care of them, but we had to give a donate a few apples to the car rental lady when we left. But anyways, I ate pumpkin soup several times and was drooling over some pear/ginger muffins, so decided I would come home and make them. Um, no. It's spring at home! Not the season for pumpkins or pears... Kind of a mind warp. But anyways the garden was gung ho when I got back thanks to the dogsitters who watered. Here's a tale of two tomatoes. Same size cage, but one is timid and one is ALREADY taking over the yard and it's still April!

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