Saturday, May 5, 2012

Millions of peaches... peaches for free

Now last time I checked, peaches don't grow from aloes. So I called in reinforcements, the farm boy picked a whole bunch of peaches the other night, in a desperate attempt to eat them before they all became overripe and fell off. We ended up with a basket full of goodness. I have to admit I didn't pull enough babies fruitlets off, so there are lots but the peaches are tiny. And the branch was totally weighed down and jumped up about a foot after most of the fruit it was bearing was harvested. This is from the 4-in-one tree, so we've got 3 other varieties yet to come, plus the other peach tree which is a mid-pride from which we'll get 50 huge fruits since I knocked off the babies more more prudently. They're still several months out though, small and white/green. My notes from 2010 said the mid=pride fruit was harvested mid-June to early July, which seems likely for this year as well based on how green they are now.

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