Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yard update

So I think I've been waiting for proper photography and some really cool before and after pics, but haven't done it and it's been months so here's a few backyard pics. The latest addition is a green lawn! We framed it in gravel to lessen the watering needs, give some distance between the sprinklers and the house, and give us a pathway to walk on. Also it's where the dogs have been doing there business, so keeps them from doing anything dirty on the grass. =)   Plus you can see how Tony (our Chinese Elm tree) is growing up big and strong. He grows about 3 feet a year which is too much for his little frame, so he's always tipping one way or the other, but I've started pruning every 2 months and balance should be achieved later this year if I am dilligent and strategic with cutting it back.

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