Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A few things

So maybe I didn't tackle the most important things around here, but I did some fun things tonight. Planted the hops rhizomes (Cascade), chopped the sunflower in half and (with farm boy's help) supported it so it's not laying horizontal anymore (it fell over entirely yesterday), and spent over an hour cleaning up the snow peas prior to cooking/eating them. It took so long because many were overgrown and had to be treated like shelling peas.
Speaking of which, I always imagine I'll write a review of certain varieties of seeds so that I know for next year (and in case anyone else is curious) but I never quite get around to it. I can tell you I've learned in the past few weeks that I do not like the "fat roundball carrots" and this season's snow peas were amazing! My notes on what kind they were say "snow peas, bioass... 6 ft" which I think means I bought them from Abundant Life Seeds (a hippy place) but really it means my note taking is terrible. And I used all the seeds so don't have the packet to reference now that I feel like singing their praise. But seriously this variety (whatever it is) was pretty amazing in yield and vigorousness. They've gone up my 2.5 foot frame then come down the other side, still fruiting even though they're in a self-watering pot. I would absolutely order them again (if I knew what they were). Meanwhile, the sunflowers are "chianti hybrid" that I know!

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