Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall weather is here

Fog, dampness, and rain have made it suddenly feel like fall. And just as suddenly I'm overcome with the urge to cook. I'm having better luck this year in searching for recipes for the butternut squash, partially because I'm including all pumpkin recipes in the search, and partially due to simple luck. Here's a salad found on smitten kitchen (link and scroll down), and a fritter like thing (link) in the latest issue of Sunset magazine. In the stack of cookbooks, I found two soup recipes for pumpkin, and the curry soup sent me to the cabinet in search for coconut milk. There was none to be found, but I did find some marshmallows and cereal which were combined and carted to work to show appreciation to some coworkers coming off a few weeks of hard work. So, the first result of this fall cooking urge is a not really cooked mass of gooey goodness. Yum.

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