Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sculptural plants (for free!)

Within 30 minutes of getting the text from a good friend that there were free plants on the sidewalk across from her house (just there for the taking), I had driven over there and filled my car with plants. Three of us were there at the same time, negotiating about who was taking what... plus the person who was giving them up came out to chat with us. It was fun!
I picked up some neat succulents, some will stay in pots and some will go into the ground. They're all overgrown so can be split up and spread out, and are all different from the plants I already have. One came with an extra bonus - a lizard skin was tangled up inside. The big items are a climbing rose which has long tendrils that will be planted next to the fence so that it can grow into the gaps and separate our yards better. I think the flowers will be white, but we'll see what happens in spring.
The other big item might have actually been called the "ugly" plant when we first got to the sidewalk. It's gangly and huge and off balance, making it tough to get into the car and out of the car. But after a tiny bit of shaping and two nails for support, I'm growing fond of it. (This was a bit of a risk as the day laborer hasn't seen it yet, and I'm not sure everyone will consider this a favorite. But it's drought tolerant so he'll probably allow it to stay.) The last two pics are the before/after of the sculptural plant so you can see how it changes the scenery.

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