Monday, October 12, 2009

Gardening score: 27

I'm not terrible, but I'm not yet that good at this gardening stuff. Definitely have not researched as much as I should, I've been using simple logic which doesn't always work. I harvested this stuff on Saturday.

The squash are fine, but the watermelon are not so fine. Between the colder temperatures and the rotting small watermelon, it seemed to make sense to harvest the big watermelons. But no. The first one is no where near ripe. The second one will be turned into a jack o lantern. If only I had used a successive approach. Meaning I should have picked the first one, cut into it, then only after seeing that one, determine whether or not to cut the second. Hopefully next year I'll raise my gardening score by at least 10 points. To say I've learned a lot this year is a tremendous understatement. And between the dog (who was happy to eat chunks of the unripe watermelon) and the compost bin, most of the mistakes have been put to good use.


  1. arent you supposed to wait until the stem dries up or is that just pumpkins? I dont know I tried to grow watermelons but they just did want to come up from the seed for some reason.

  2. That sounds right. I'll wait longer next year... I have found maybe 20% of the seeds I plant make it to be grown up plants. My mom uses some sort of seed starting soil in small pots, then transfers the seedlings. Might also try that next year...