Sunday, October 25, 2009

Costume ideas

I have way too many halloween ideas and wanted to share... I'm committed to Peg Bundy (Married with Children).
  • The progressive insurance lady. Brown wig and headband. White apron with progressive logo. White clothes. Red lipstick. Carry around a price gun or "box" of insurance or remote control. Be obnoxious. For extra credit, look like the progressive lady but change the company name to something else snarky.
  • Be a facebook profile pic. Wear a box around your head with facebook written above a square cut out for your face. Have a dry erase board or magnet/word thing below your face to track people who "like" it with a thumbs up and/or so people can "comment" by writing on the dry erase word or playing with the magnet words.
  • Be Blagoyavich (the disgraced Illionois gov). Wear a dark brown elvis or donald trump wig. Act obnoxious and crazy. Talk about conspiracies.
  • Daily show staff. Wear a business suit and/or khaki vest with a name tag "Sr. (insert word) correspondent. Carry a microphone and tell people you're report "live" from locations across the world.
  • Couples - Kayne West and that blond country singer would be funny. She'd carry around a microphone and he'd repeatedly take it away.
  • Couples - that governor dressed up to hike the appalachian trail with a woman from brazil
  • Zombie killer with a banjo (a la woody harrelson)
  • Balloon hoax guy/family. Act crazy and try to get as much attention as possible. Carry around goofy homemade balloon.
  • Mike Rowe from dirty jobs. Wear a baseball hat, waders or some sort of protective gear, and cover yourself in dirt. Add more people to the mix by making them the camera/sound crew. Or make someone the crazy goose farm lady who spews off sexual innuendo line after line when they're stuffing pillows with feathers and has no idea she's being funny.

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