Monday, October 26, 2009

50's fashion done to perfection

While I've never seen the show Madmen, I'm loving the 50's and early 60's fashions that are popping up. Be it the cartoon images people have on facebook (like me) of the 50's icons, or the dresses that people are buying and sewing - I love 'em!
This is one of the things I fell in love with when checking out dresses to buy:
I love this kind of belted dress: link to dress at
And then even better, and more authentic than the purchased 50's dress is the home made retro dress, like this one at This is the epitome (in a good way) of the gorgeous, classic dress. Awesome. Someday, when I get back into sewing for real, I'll try something like this. Anyway, Megan is kinda my sewing hero. She sews a lot and posts on Wardrobe Refashion and Burdastyle (which used to be crack for me but between me getting a job again and them changing their format is a place I got to maybe once a week). Back on track... Megan is the Queen of making things out of pillowcases she finds at second hand stores. Pretty awesome. Who knew there could be so many options and permutations out there!
Cheers and happy sewing, be it with retro 50's style, or pillowcases, or anything at all.
Speaking of which I have 5 days left to use that candy corn fabric before it sits in the drawer for another 10 months...
I am so close to re-fashioning some of my clothes, but first I must tighten the top I bought for my Peg Bundy costume - loose is not character appropriate. I need to pull in the seams in the arms. If it's not skin tight, no one will know who I am! That and I think I need to buy Lee presson on nails.

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