Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween projects

I love halloween, mostly for dressing up, but pumpkins and bats and glow in the dark bugs and all are quite fun. My neighborhood has lots of houses that set out gravestones and spiders and hang spooky things in the trees. While I haven't done that, I did sew a little mat to put under the bowl of candy (I'm usually out and about on halloween and not home to pass out treats). I used stash fabric, but not the candy corn and black cat stuff that was in the box from my Aunt's house that sparked the project.
My idea was to make something similar to this wall hanging I made a few years ago for my mom.

But this time it was a little more simple and I'm not quite as fond of it. I might like it better if I go back and add some layers and quilt it so the pumpkins pop out more. But first we'll see if it survives the night. Two years ago I returned home halloween to find not only the candy gone from the porch, but the bowl holding it was gone, too. Last year the bowl was still there. I'll take it as a compliment if it disappears - that means someone likes it I guess.

Well, Happy Halloween and have a spooky time with your local ghouls and goblins.

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  1. Everything was still there when we got home! So I get to re-use the fabric thing (maybe I should call it a placemat) next year.