Monday, October 12, 2009

At long last

These cacti I bought nearly 6 months ago are finally, firmly planted on the hillside. I made trenches on the high side above the plants so that they can get a little water. The only one that didn't get planted was because of a somewhat big pepper tree root that got in my way. Hopefully the day laborer will help me remedy the situation next week.

Now let me tell you about pepper tree. Someone who lived here before me planted it and it sent runners everywhere and my dear neighbor and I spent almost 2 years spraying the sucklings with extreme poison to try to eradicate them. Finally the plant is dead, but we'll be digging out the roots forever. Don't every plant one! They are on many state/county lists as illegal because they are so invasive.
Sometimes I wonder why I even buy and install new plants. This hot pink-flowered plant is covering about 15% of my yard having climbed the fence from my left neighbor.
This pretty blue chalk stuff joined the party from under my fence and the red flowered stuff is coming over my fence from my rear neighbor.
The neighbor on the right contributes purple lantana through the chain link fence.

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