Saturday, August 15, 2009


I've been intrigued by the blossoms for what seems like a couple months, before finally having viable fruit. Doesn't the center of the blossom remind you of brains? And that fruit to the left of it (closer to my hand) did not survive. The potted watermelon is not yet big enough to have surviving fruit, yet. The ones in the ground are funny in that I see no fruit closer than 10 feet from the roots - it seems like only the vines extending way out are able to flourish.
And then these are the oddly shaped fruit, and likely candidates for the wonky food files when they grow up. The seed packet advertised 20-25 lbs. I'll be happy with anything bigger than a grapefruit... The cantaloupes were small that I expect the watermelon to follow suit, but I'm watering them deeply every morning in hopes of mega growth.

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