Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cheers to my crazy friend Kelli

I've been thinking about her a lot lately. She randomly sends me things, and a few days ago I wore the purple aqua socks she repurposed my way. And I thought about her when I heard there's an outbreak of plague in China, while she was over there a few weeks ago.
Crazy - a little harsh you might say? Well, she ran her second marathon three weeks after her first marathon. That's kinda crazy. She was the one who came to visit me one year in June and dragged me (someone who had NEVER run before) on her training runs. Three days later we were both signed up for the Seattle Marathon in November. I ran the half marathon and that started my lifelong pledge to run a half marathon race every year - I've been true to that for 5 years so far.
I really shouldn't get into too many crazy stories in such a public forum so as to not incriminate her (or myself). But I still have on my phone a photo from 4 years ago the "after shot" of our waitress who had her hair done during the middle our dinner - flat straight hair was converted by another waitress into a 1940's updo - all because of a conversation Kelli started with them about Blade Runner.
We're totally different in a lot of ways, but two birds of a feather in other ways. The dark side of me comes out when I talk to her - we both channel Lewis Black. Spewing criticisms can be a tremendously fun stress reliever!
Anyways, she's in NYC recovering from H1N1 (so typical - she gets into the strangest predicaments) so here's a shout out to her...


  1. So is it that I'm crazy, or that I convince otherwise sane people to do crazy things? Hmmm? But it's craziness on both our parts that we think me getting H1N1 is kind of cool. Hey man, I'm now immune! Let the end days begin!

  2. I'm so jealous. If you weren't 3000 miles away I would try to get it from you. Want to come visit?