Saturday, August 8, 2009

Succulents blooming

When I first got little succulents in pots, they got sick because I overwatered them. Now I'm down to once a week(ish) and they seem happier. So much so a few are blooming. As you can tell, I go for colorful plants. These first two are both genus Crassula - but so different!

This one below is a variety called campfire but I think I'm going to call it the alien plant. The spikes it sent out (which now have little white bits and are revealing themselves as flower stalks) are menacing looking. Like it's going to grab you when you're walking by and getcha.

And this one is called firesticks, and while the plant in general doesn't look super healthy, if you look closely you'll see little yellow fuzzy flowers on the top of some of the stalks. Might start calling it the coral reef plant. The color fits and the yellow flowers look like coral animals with tiny tendrils looking for food. (Will try to convince the photographer to get a better pic with the fancy camera.... my 8-year old digital isn't smart enough to go macro but you can see it bigger if you double-click on pic.)

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