Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ripe and raw

Here's the comparison between the first harvest and the second...
And then the dog seems to have disturbed at least, injured at worst, a possum tonight. It's walking around, but I really hope it has the strength to climb the fence and head home (wherever that is). I've bagged and trashed dead ones before, not fun. Not at all. Good thing is she listens well so came inside when asked. But I'm not sure when this happened, so they had some time alone before I got the flashlight out and started investigating...


  1. We opened the fence and guided it out. It took 20 minutes because it kept turning right (injuries contributing). Hopefully it can get home, at least in the front yard it doesn't have to climb any fences to travel large distances. But I give it a high chance that I find the body in the front yard in the morning. Too bad.

  2. My squash are still in the green stripey phase. I'm in zone 5/6 ( I live in St. Louis, where we have the "heat island effect").

    I have 1 huge watermelon that has been growing for the requisite 90 days, but the leaf tendril near the stem isn't brown yet. I hate waiting!

  3. Yep! My watermelons are the size of limes... I planted the seeds late, but I am happy to say I have 3 that seem like they're going to make it which is a lot more than I could say a few weeks ago. =)