Monday, August 17, 2009

Bird damage to fruit

Someone wrote in about figs, trying to figure out what kind of pest was doing damage to their fruit. So far as I can tell, I've seen damage from: birds, bugs (those green metallic bugs), and possums. Each is fairly distinct. The birds leave holes, kind of like a screw driver was stuck into it. Tonight's find is an excellent example of bird damage. To contrast, the bugs all go after the same fig, like an orgy, and the thing ends up literally shredded. Check the post a few down for the pic. And then the possum left teeth marks, which I had previously thought were raccoons, but there was a casualty (silly dog, wish I could train the hunter out of her) 3 ft from the fig tree the same day I found the teeth marks so I have to believe it was that possum.
Anyways, no more bugs on my fig tree, but I'm almost out of figs for the season, too. I'm sticking by my guns that the bugs really only dig into the mostly rotten ones and next year I'll be good about picking every day and hopefully won't have that kind of problem.
And flash back to the plum post, to see bird damage in other kinds of fruit. I wish I didn't have so many good examples... Well, I'll put that bird net to use next year and maybe that will be the end of it. Yeah right.

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