Monday, August 17, 2009

Tomatoes: not a fan of ripening in the dirt

Turns out tomatoes rot when they grow resting on the dirt. So I put a chair under my jungle tomato so that I can make the fruit redeemable.
In the box next to that, new seeds were planted. I'm trying out deep trenches this time. Got a little excited, so also planted many lettuces in pots, and trying out my first foray into the world of flowers (red poppies - wish me luck!). Even had the guts to plant tomato seeds for an attempted winter harvest - hoping to replace the lackluster plants the large self watering pots - but have to give the carrots a few more weeks to enlarge before doing a swap.
In the box below: left is an egglpant (no idea what kind, it was $3 outside the grocery store - one of the few things I've got which was not grown from seed). Middle is ruby chard with carrots behind it, and on the right are 5 really healthy tatsoy plants. There's two divots which hopefully will soon be sprouting beets, ruby chard, green beans and cucumbers. These are all things that I've been eating this summer and want more of.

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