Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saving money by growing food

This article at dailygreen calculates how much money one guy saved with his backyard garden. His is much, much bigger than mine, but it's an interesting read and I'm lucky enough to be (naively) growing 10 of the top 20 money savers according to his research. Now I got one peach, which is a far cry from his 13 lbs, but that's ok! Plums might be where I save money - might have yielded 5 lbs of those but more importantly they were so yummy off the tree that the store bought ones tasted terrible in comparison and I'm never buying plums again. I'm spoiled!
Even if I'm not having saving much, I'm having fun playing iron chef with zucchini every weekend. Thanks for the recipe suggestions.
I picked my first cucumber today, quite normal looking, but look forward to sharing pics of the goofy looking ones (they're kinda curly shaped) in coming weeks. And here's a mutant carrot way back from spring that I've been tardy with posting.

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