Sunday, June 28, 2009

XL t-shirt to toddler dress

98% finished! I must be the world's slowest sewer... Took me all evening to make this (I've still got to deal with tying off some threads). And 3 of the seams I didn't have to worry about because I reused the t-shirt hems! Anyways, this is a shirt for a Tea, made from one of her Uncle's t-shirts. It was put in the "too big" pile after he became healthier, which means it was ripe for the picking. The flowers was a fat quarter from the quilting pile.
The top was made for a 3-year old who lives 3,000 miles away. Gosh I hope it fits! The fantastic tutorial, found on SewMamaSew, describes lots of test-fitting and pinning in place, which I wasn't able to do. I fear it might be too small, but I really have no idea. It was my first time pleating and gathering, and it worked just fine. I have fabric picked out for many more (adult size this time) tops. Some will have t-shirts as bodies like this one, others will be entirely quilting cotton from the stash.
Proud to have my first, actual, refashion to post on wardrobe refashion. I've been posting, but it's been either very slightly modified stuff (resizing basically) or items made from scratch (like my dress and baby shower gifts). But there's a lot of pride that I've been honest and true with the not buying anything new part of the pact. I have so much... Was lucky enough to have built a nice wardrobe about 5 years ago, and that's enough!
Speaking of which, I discovered a nice blouse now has stains on the armpits (blasted San Diego weather) and so I will throw that in the refashion box. Try to cut out the stained part and while I'm at it change the long sleeves to short sleeves... which should be interesting as I'm fairly intimidated to try to set in sleeves, but there's nothing to lose. Can't wear it as is. Suppose I could put on ruffles now that I know how to do that. =)

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