Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arts community events

So I had a busy May arts-wise, but missed my goal of hitting a community event in June (unless I get out in the next 3 hours... unlikely). In May I went with a friend to the San Diego Opera's production of Madama Butterfly. Opera is not something I would have been drawn to, but a friend offered me a gift ticket, so time to expand horizons. There was a pre-show lecture that was interesting and informative given my complete lack of knowledge about music. The professor spoke about themes, recurring melodies that represent ideas, like knives. The production was lovely, but next time I'm going to pick a show with grander sets and costuming. And I couldn't help being annoyed at the male lead character who is a caricature of arrogant, heartless American. Now the people watching was extraordinary, from floor-length gowns to funky clothes. Even a cougar represented, wearing bedazzled jeans and a white lace shirt with ruffles at the wrists and cleavage.
The same week as the opera, I made it to the San Diego film festival's Tuesday night series showing short films and raising money and interest for the annual festival. The films were introduced as 2 comedies and 2 dramas, but only one was remotely laugh-worthy. The dramas were despondent and depressing, incredibly moving. Neither had any attempt at a conclusion or summary, they just ended, leaving me speechless. Made me very appreciative for all I have and the good people and luck I've encountered. Needless to say, I voted against the comedies being shown at the main event in September. But I'll go back for more - while crowded, the Pearl hotel is a cool place. Who can resist a bar that shows movies on a screen above the campy hotel pool?

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