Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monster zuccini

The tomato and zucchini forest is continuing to amaze me. The big tomato is at least a foot over the cage, and spreading out to the side over my retaining wall. The zucchini is about 3 feet tall and I might need to cut it back as it's about to cover the cucumber plant on the other side of the bed. I've been treated to six inch blossoms that remind me of hibiscus both yesterday and today. Wow. Check out the bee in the blossom for scale.
And about the plum tree, every variety that ripens I declare is better than the last, and yesterday I tried the "burgundy". And it takes the cake, it's sweet and meaty and fantastic. Only downside is only 4 fruits, but if I get a whole tree of it next year I should get more (knock on wood). So by flavor, I'd rate burgundy top, methley second, and beauty third. Beauty was by far the biggest producer, but it's also got more branches. All fruits have been consumed by June 4th - so it was early but we did have a really warm spell in Feb this year, so I'm not sure this timing will be typical for future years. The progression below is Week 4 to Week 6. The edges of the box are completely covered.

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