Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't go to intimacy, the expensive bra shop!!!

I had high hopes. My RSVP was made to an evening bra fitting event benefiting a charity (film festival) after I got sucked in by the offer of a free goodie bag, a $25 coupon, and sexy bras I found on their website. They assigned me a fitting time that I couldn't make because of softball, but I was excited so showed up early and asked if they could accommodate me before my slot so I could make my game. My helper tried to work quickly, but things were kind of tense because she wanted to sell me a sports bra, which wasn't on my list, and I'm kinda particular about styles (for comfort reasons) which didn't match the ones she brought me. I bought a bra that night, the best of what I had tried on, using my coupon, and ran off to my game. They told me they don't refund for cash, just store credit. (My mistake number 1: going shopping for something that needs to fit well when under time pressure.)
So that night I look through the goodie bag which included 2 brochures from the designers they carry and their website and found many more bras that I thought would be a better style for me. Plus I tried on the bra I bought again, and it seemed a little too big.
So I drove over there today having done my homework, and excited to try on more bras now that I didn't have time pressure. The first person I spoke to at the cashier's desk was nice and tried to help. She walked me to the drawers for my size, pulled out one bra that was on my long list, and told me there were probably others. Then she went back to her station and said she'd find me a fitter who could help me further. They must have looked up who helped me before and sent over the same girl (lets call her Audrey) I had had uncomfortable encounters with the day before. She sees me thumbing through the drawers and says, "those foam styles won't support you as well as lace ones" and "if you're going to go with foam, you need to be looking in the F drawer - those E's won't fit". At this point I have a bunch of E's in my hand, so I said I'd try them first, then look in the G drawer next. That was the last time I saw her.
I tried on lots and lots of bras - but only found 3 from the catalogs. They told me they used to have one of them on my list in coral, but this store just don't get sent all the models. (NOTE: I was in San Diego. You might have better chances in NY?) As I was rifling through the drawers I was asked by several other workers if I was being helped, and I said yes. (My mistake #2: I should have said no, and asked one of those other people to help me. Audrey never came back so I really wasn't being helped.)
Somewhere in the middle of this I was informed that my $25 coupon couldn't be refunded or reused on today's purchases. So 2 out of 3 of my reasons for going there were gone. But even if you don't get offered the coupon or fall for the bait-and-switch of the bras in the website/catalog, here are 5 reasons why I think you'll have a better experience buying a bra at Nordstrom (who I'm not affiliated with, I'm just drawing from my previous bra shopping trip there several years ago):
  • Nordstrom has massive selection (i.e., different sizes and colors of the same bra style). I never saw the same bra in different colors at intimacy. They told me at intimacy that if I really wanted the bra I'd seen on the website or catalog I could special order it but it takes a while because it comes from Europe and has to pass through customs.
  • Nordstrom does not use hard sell techniques. At intimacy I was looked at with disbelief when I did not agree to buying 3 bras (you have to have 3 bras!!!). And there was a major push to sell me on the washing detergent when I got to the check out line. When I was at Nordstrom my helper was super chill and nice and even brought me a lemonade.
  • Nordstrom does not tell you how terrible the bra you are wearing is. I was wearing a sports bra the first night at intimacy and was told repeatedly that I was wearing the worst style ever (generic racerback style). It's not fun to hear that!
  • Nordstrom lets you return stuff - even get your money back (not restricted to store credit).
  • Nordstrom has good customer service. I really thought it was shitty that less than 24 hours later my coupon had evaporated. I wish they had warned me. When I had made my purchase/exchange, I asked if they had a suggestion form or a way to give feedback -- they told me to go to the website. Hrmph...


  1. I wish I had read this post before I went! I got a woman who was insulting about my current bra, told me I was causing my breasts to sag, and then grilled me about how I care for my bras if I'm not willing to buy their detergent. She was also on the hard sell for detergent and (because my bras must all be horrible) I should buy at least 7 bras. Because all students can afford 7 bras that are 90 dollars and up. The one in Houston also didn't offer refunds, just store credit, which of course they don't tell you until your card has been swiped.

  2. I went to Intimacy in Chicago for a fitting, and to possibly buy a new bra for my wedding in February. At first they were very nice, she brought me to a room and fitted me. And then the sale began. First, she slid on the new bras, and I loved how they looked and felt. Unfortunately she had sharp nails, and kept shoving my boobs into the bras with her talons. Bra after bra, she kept trying to sell me, and I kept looking at the 100+ pricetag going, I just need one for my wedding dress and that's it! But, then she kept asking "Are you sure, are you sure you don't need a sports bra, or perhaps one just for t-shirts?" And finally the big push for the detergent. I left with nothing and scratch marks all over the top of my chest. Needless to say, I will never go back, and I hope no one has to experience this manhandling like I did!

  3. I went to the Philadelphia location. I found one i really liked and bought it. It seems very loose fitting now. I went from what size i thought i was to something else (36c to a 36e). I had a coupon of course had ended its promotions and like you all I was hammered with the detergent. i looked up the brands that intimacy carried and googled each brand to see what department stores carried them.

  4. While I haven't bought a bra from there yet my experience as very nice. They didn't pressure me into buying anything and the fitter was wonderful. I have a very small rib cage and so bra's are almost always to big on me. The fitter asked me about how I washed my bras and I told her and the only things she told me not to do was wash them in hot water or with products that contain alcohol. She didn't even mention the bra detergent, (but honestly most lingerie places try to sell you on their special detergents now.) While I don't think I will be buy many bras there because, one, they are pricey and two, most contain to much fabric for them to actually fit under my clothes, and three I am more of a plain type of bra person; I will however bite the bullet and buy a strapless bra from them because when she put them on me I have never had a strapless support me as much those did. They will become my specialty bra shop. I will however ask about the return policy before I buy.

  5. I frequent the Atlanta location. Yes it's true about pushing the detergent on you. However after purchasing the detergent with washing bag I have notice my bras lasting longer. My breast are large and I must admit there bras fit me better than other names I've tried over the years. But the price tag is a killer from $129-$146, sports bra $60(ouch). The service is always great and extremely attentive by all employees.

    @ Jen I purchased a strapless corset bra for my wedding dress in March of 2010 at Intimacy for under $50(yeah I could not believe it LOL) and it's the best strapless I've ever owned. I pray it's still the same price because I would love a black one.

    @ Younghee if your able to locate where we could purchase the same garments at a lower price please let me know. I would truly appreciate it.