Thursday, May 7, 2009

The fruits of procrastination

So earned over $16 for hoarding my aluminum and plastic recycling, which means I'll keep doing it. It was my first time at the recycle center, but they showed me the routine -which seems to include mandatory hand washing after your weigh your goods and before you accept your money. I wasn't sure exactly what the guy was telling me (he was not a native English speaker) but when he walked over and turned on the sink for me, I got the point.
Now this was the most eggregious procrastination project of last week... A tomato support structure made out of left over posters. I've got more poster parts left over and will make supports for the beans, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.
On other fronts, I'm battling bugs and birds to preserve the integrity of the fruit and vegetable plants. Today I tied gold metallic ribbon onto the plum tree hoping to scare the birds. And I'm experimenting with covering the vegetable seedlings with containers (that let light/air in) as a physical barrier to whatever is eating them. But they seem like litttle greenhouses, so I'm afraid the seedlings will cook - not enough air flow. Updates coming on progress and time lapse photos of the growth. (not exactly true) But for now here's a pic of the new planter boxes with dog for scale, and the steps built by my favorite day laborer last weekend. Quite a surprise as I asked him to help me dig into the hillside to mount one small stepping stone. But he decided wooden steps would provide me better access for watering the fruit trees. And who was I to say no?

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