Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Community, arts, science

Inspired by the thought provoking lectures and events I attended in March as part of the San Diego Science Festival, I decided to make a point of continuing that sort of experience by attending a community event at least once a month.
The first was the a film festival presented by the local underwater photography club, that I stumbled upon on the internet. I'm not a scuba diver and have no connection to this organization, but that might have made it more powerful. Seeing the montages of photos and in some cases videos of fish was breath taking. A few of the films had humorous story lines and one had silly sound effects added to the videos, such as the lobster backed by classical music who's antennae were waving back and forth as if he were the conductor of an orchestra. We only had time to watch the local films, but the main event and foreign submissions were rumored to be even more amazing. You can watch the festival winning film on their site:
And then I attended a restoration event hosted by the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy. After getting sweaty pruning weeds, they fed us lunch and we were treated to a lecture on the lagoon and global warming. One of the graphics presented was a map of San Diego in 100 years if the sea level rises 4 feet as some predict. Wow! The airport is underwater, in addition to a lot of waterfront property. I live on a hill but there was a river drawn traveling in what must have been the main thoroughfare at the bottom of the hill. Anyways, they are having the opening of the Nature Center this weekend, seems like it will be a lovely place. If you are in or near Cardiff, I'm sure it's worth a stop.

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