Friday, May 22, 2009

Things I learned my first day composting

  • wear a dirty shirt
  • do not shower BEFORE composting
  • pick up dog poo BEFORE composting
  • chopping up fruit/veg waste into little bits with a cleaver is fun
  • need to find something to add to my fledgling compost pile besides dead weeds
  • "turning the compost heap" is a misnomer in my case -I spent five minutes "fluffing the dead weeds"
  • wish I had the composter back in March when there were lots of living weeds
  • seems like I should water my dead weed collection fairly frequently
  • detangling large clumps of dead weeds is not that much fun
  • be sure to check shoes AFTER composting
  • do shower AFTER composting
  • wash dirty shirt

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