Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring means flowers?

This is what happens when tatsoy decides it's time to flower. The plant on the left used to be a low growing lettuce/bok choy like thing. But it recently decided spring was here and it was time to reproduce, so it turned into a giant, of the Jack and the beanstalk variety. What used to be 4 inches tall is now 26 inches tall. Even the little one who didn't have the right soil/enough water to ever really grow up - decided it had to get 1000% taller and flower too. Kinda pathetic looking, er... cute?

The plants next to the tatsoy in the big pot are carrots and swiss chard. The swiss chard is good (had some for dinner 2 nights ago). But the carrots are going to be quite interesting as the leaves are a good 16 inches tall - and there is only about 5 inches of soil for the carrot to grow down before the pot ends. Might be good mutant potential. Or else they'll be shaped like beets? Stay tuned. I'll give 'em another month or two.

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