Friday, March 6, 2009

Severity of my diet coke lust?

I forgot to mention something in my diet coke lovefest I posted a few days ago. The extent of my silly/craziness about the great DC? I dressed as a diet coke for halloween. But with a twist! (not the lemon kind)
I bought a towel in the image of a life-size regular (red) coke, cut and sewed it fairly clumsily to create a halter top around my neck and straps on the back (tied kind of like an apron). I wore it to work - with a measuring tape wrapped around my waist and carrying a bathroom scale. Standing on the scale, I would ask people to figure out what I was. I think 2 out of 20 got it... DIET coke!!! Brilliant idea, I thought, but somehow it just didn't click with people. After I told them what I was, most people moaned. Well... I still liked it! And it may have been one of my first re-fashioning attempts
And here is some fabric I must find to sew something similar (did I tell you I am addicted to I've been too busy this week (hard to believe I know) to visit the site more than twice. I used to visit multiple times a day and see EVERYTHING that got posted. Those were the days (sigh).

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  1. I think your costume is brilliant, too! Never mind what all the groaners thought- they just feel less brilliant than you for not being able to get it!
    I am a recovering Burda addict, too! I love that place! Maybe I should go check it...