Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I heart diet coke

I made the switch to diet soda when I was approx 22, gradually, after realizing that I'd accidentally been drinking diet soda at my work (Fresca). It didn't kill me so I moved onto diet coke... And fell in love.
It hit me hard. I remember cackling when people made fun of me for bringing 2-liter bottles into work. It was a small office, maybe 40 people, and still in small company mode where the admin went to the warehouse store every 2 weeks and stocked the fridge with soda cans for employees to drink for free. Event though I brought my own soda, free soda ended about 6 weeks after I joined the company. =)
You can tell as you walk into my house... my decorating style? I found this a few days ago. No idea how long it had been there.

And my backyard is the waiting room for the recycling trip that has yet to happen. With hard times, I've just started collecting empties. Need to walk down the block (literally) and figure out how to return them for cash.

But what really got me on this topic was this article about the Obama folk and how they relate to pepsi and coke. Enjoy...


  1. I am free of the evil Diet Coke! I do believe that stuff that it makes you fatter even though it doesn't have sugar. We only drink iced tea now. Body and wallet are much happier.

  2. Somehow I don't like the taste of tea. Or coffee. So all my caffeine is DC... It's not too expensive, but I do admit it's terrible for my teeth. =)