Monday, January 12, 2009

Its 80 degrees in january, so... time for a garden update

No winter this week. Here's some shots of a mature plant, some seedlings, and two recent transplants.

The mature is bearing fruit, but I'm not sure if it's ripe. The intarwebs says to pick one every 2 weeks to test the ripeness. With only two on there, I think I'll wait a while for them to turn more orange. The major change from yellow to orange happened Christmas week. It didn't have fruit on it when I got it last year, so this year will be an experiment... I tug on them every so often and hopefully they will just come off at the right time.

The seedlings were planted December 2nd (so 6 weeks ago). Starting on the left, there are rows of tatsoy (a bok choy like green which is almost ready to start harvesting leaves off), butter lettuce, carrots, and then swiss chard (with a random clump of carrots on the far right). Growing things in rows makes me feel like a proper farmer. Nevermind it's only enough for 1.5 servings. For some reason it's still fun.

And the transplants are bareroot trees. Plum (5 in 1) in the nearground and mid-pride peach in the distance. I hope I get fruit from them and they will grow big and tall and be happy. I'll post an update when they leaf out.


  1. my friend has tangerines that ripen right now in SJ. My navel oranges are not ready until March. We bought a mandarin plant with 2 fruit but they died.

  2. I picked one on January 19th and it was ripe! Tasted like a mandarin. I'll probably wait a week and eat the other one. Very happy with the lucky timing.