Friday, January 16, 2009

Why carrot people?

Well, it started with the photo, one of my favorites from last year. A quick search found many people posting photos of their mutant carrots, often with witty text. Maybe some day I'll post links to those...

But the other thing I found had more of a business/social context. Last year I heard people at work categorizing others as tree people or forest people. The tree people are so focused on details that they often miss the big picture. Forest people see the big picture, but don't get stuck in details. (I admit the people talking about this were skewed towards the forest, putting a negative spin on trees, but each has an appropriate situation. -- We can all just get along. =)

Turns out about ten years ago the hip way to categorize people was a carrot people or stick people. Those who provide incentive to do the right thing, as opposed to those who just threaten and punish if you do the wrong thing. Reminds me of dog training. Anyways, I'm proud to be a carrot person and want to be around others who are also carrot people.

Plus the name provides relevancy for future posts with photos of mutant carrots, my favorite part of gardening.

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