Saturday, January 2, 2016

Stewart avocados ripen in Nov/Dec

Peeked into the side yard to admire the progress on rain barrel installation, and noticed something that looked like a black ball under the Stewart avocado tree. This tree used to have 3 fruits, but now has none. I pocketed the one that looked like a ball and noticed 1 clean pit, and one half eaten fruit which someone had scraped the green flesh off the skin pretty carefully. Suspicion is laid on one of the dogs who don't usually have access to this area, but were in and out a lot yesterday during rain barrel installation consultation sessions. And I bet they were on the ground already, not stripped be the dogs.
The skin was black and the fruit partially brown but I was able to eat about 1/3 of it and it was darn good. Next year I need to pick them in October or November.
The Lamb Haas has 5 fruit on it - they are giant and green and lovely. I plan to follow the timeline of this document, which says they ripen in May in San Diego and start testing them in early April.
Both of the trees were planted in approx April 2015 and had small fruit on them when they were planted. Fingers crossed that they bloom well and set fruit for next year! The trees definitely grew bigger in 2015 as they required re-staking in fall (they had grown taller than their supports) and were also pruned for shape and future growth.

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