Saturday, November 14, 2015

Productive but off target

My priorities today should have been to clear off the dining room table, the family room, or the guest room. So that means I of course worked on our bedroom which was off task. But it was fun and I'm glad I got so much done, and it's only Saturday so I've got another day to make important progress. The pic below is the icing on the cake for how off task I was, a craft project taking my race medals and displaying them with thumbtacks in a foam core board. Eventually I think a towel or curtain rod model would be better (especially if I keep doing these things)... I dropped the 5ks and was on the fence about the medal for the 8 mile run (omitted it). Here's what made the board in my 11 years of doing this kind of stuff:
  • 1  three-mile ocean swim
  • 2  full marathons
  • 3  ragnar races
  • 4  triathlons
  • 10 half marathons

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