Friday, October 31, 2014


Seeds are planted, sewing projects mid stream, fabrics being mailed here, getting house in order, but you wouldn't know because all I seem to want to talk about are the dogs. Sam has earned most favored canine status because she did not jump the fence last night, wander up the hill, and walk into a stranger's house. Thankfully I found a voice mail on my phone just after realizing he was missing. And since he walked through their front door and hung out in their living room, the nice people didn't have to work too hard to "catch him" - they just shut the door and phoned me. Could have gone down so differently. That stupid dog means the world to me. Barriers are back in place (stucco guys had moved them) but here's a pic of him peeking over the left side of the fence a few hours before he jumped it.

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