Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nice fall day

It never gets truly cold in Southern California but today it's rather warm. It's 80 which was too hot for my late morning jog. The dog actually drank a few licks out of the storm drain before I realized and took him straight back at the house; I only managed one more mile before calling it a day myself. The backyard brewer is at it making Chocolate Stout. We've got his black IPA on tap and the vanilla porter he made a few weeks was just carbonated so we can drink it tomorrow. Yum! Fall is beer time around here.
While he's brewing I started pattern making for Max's turkey costume. He ran away at first, but eventually I got the abdominal strap on and he posed for some pics. I'm going to narrow and round out the back but other than that it looks pretty good. Now I have to hunker down and make some decisions about fabric and do the sewing. Ideally he'll run the 5k wearing this, so it's got to be comfortable and not too hot or heavy. I used the great pattern tutorial from found here.

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