Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Parsnip battles and carrot ladies

Parsnips are yummy and I'm happy they grew because I was sure it wasn't cold enough here, plus they're hard to germinate and take a long time to grow big enough to harvest. But the real thing I have to tell you is they're a royal bitch to dig up. They are deep and long and strong, and it seemed to take an average of 5 min to get them out of the ground even when I wised up and employed shovels and hand tools.
Next are some other parsnips, carrot stalagmites, and lady carrots that I had accidentally been hiding from you. Must've reached carrot saturation, but as time had passed they seem so lovely I must share. As a semi-recovering papparazzi, I'm often too lazy to post, but  I'm never too lazy to take pics.

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