Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10 oranges + 1 lemon + an unmentionable amount of sugar

When I lived in Seattle I remember loving going to the kitchen at work and getting plums/prunes people had brought in from their trees. Here in So Cal, in winter it's citrus fruit that gets shard... Someone dropped off a bag of oranges and lemons in my office and I took them home this weekend and made super yummy orange marmalade. I've made jam before, but this was my first citrus foray and the simplicity of the recipe sold me. A little bit of prep to peel and cut the fruit, but other than that fairly simple. Here's the recipe, but I didn't cut the segments from their membranes and I didn't have a tool that cut the peels in strips (note to self: buy one before doing this again). Quite sweet even with the membranes - I need to run out and buy some vanilla ice cream, because as good as it is on toast, I think it will be even better with ice cream.

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