Friday, July 20, 2012


Had to water tonight as it's been getting hot and I skipped this morning. Found a monarch caterpillar (next to some aphids who shouldn't be there but at least the sensibility to fit into the color scheme) and stalked the alligator lizard for a while. Hopefully the lizard wasn't traumatized and will keep frequenting the cantaloupe bed. Also saw some mice (yes, more than one) which totally sucks. Max doesn't seem willing/able to get them. Sam has been rummaging around the planting beds, I thought she was eating tomatoes, but more likely she's been hunting.  I might just stop reprimanding her for trampling on the plants and give her free reign for hunting. She got one 2 weeks ago. Finally I wanted to share our new work mascot, Mr. Slim who lives in the stairwell. Isn't he adorable?

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