Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fruit tree update and plant swapping

The mid pride peach is in full bloom, but the 4-in-1 has fruit already on it. Time to do the difficult deed of knocking off most of them so there's enough space in between. Also have changed my mind and think the almond trees are alive (although they look mostly dead). I think the buds might be slowly getting bigger - kind of like the nodules in the photo of the plum tree. By next week, I'll have nectaplum pics to share.
As further proof that I am not a plant hoarder, I very happily passed off some plants today to friends who stopped by for a totally different reason. They decided I should open a nursery for my next career. One of the things they took was a bit of the pretty mega aloe plant that I got for $20 a few weeks ago then split into 8 different plants. So glad to share! And the hummingbird loves the aloe blossoms, which is fun.

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