Monday, January 16, 2012

Good bugs and Grevillea sp.

The grevillea was in trouble for a bit, it was growing too big for it's spot and we thought about getting rid of it. But since I cut it back (so it's out of the path) and since it's gotten some water (with winter), it's blooming up a storm and drawing all sorts of awesome bugs. On sunny days the whole bush hums with bees. I stalked this one bee yesterday because it had giant yellow leg warmers full of pollen - clearly it was the early riser. Also saw ladybug adults, larvae and pupa. All these bees are traveling from the grevillea over to the peach blossoms, which not only will bring us more fruit later but makes me super happy today.

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  1. After doing more research, I'm pretty sure this is Grevillea thelemanniana