Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm shamelessly ignoring

The day laborer made this beautiful modular potato box for me; the sides will be added as the plants grow up. And the potatoes arrived in the mail (actually by way of my friend who placed an order for both of us), they are gorgeous Russian banana fingerlings. I chopped them up and let them dry "for a night"... which turned into a week and a half! I've got them in a box in the closet (the coolest part of the house) and hope they're  patiently waiting for me. The delay is due to my determination to keep critters out of the box. Tonight we bought chicken wire (which is called poultry fence at the store, which I find odd) so hopefully soon we'll construct a cage for the bottom and the top. Also awaiting attention are some Cascade hops. They came with instructions that they could be refrigerated for a while before planting (thank goodness), and so they are chillin' awaiting their backyard destiny. Last shot is the gorgeous witbeir prior to bottling. Can't wait for to try it... next week so I'm told.

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