Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring seed planting

The laborer was enlisted today to help with moving some compost from the bin into the a planting bed to refresh it before new seeds were planted. And what treasures he found... a cache of worms, some of whom were moved into the new bed and some were left in the compost to keep procreating. I planted in the raised bed some of the familiar seeds, 3 different kinds of cucumber and 3 kinds of beets, 2 kinds of carrots, butternut squash, watermelon, and a new find - something called easter egg radishes. They're a mix of pastel colored radishes. But the novel part of this planting was what went into the area outside of the planting bed. Flowers. I planted flowers. Yep. I know, shocking. Some of the seeds were gifts and some I went out and bought on my own. If all goes well, soon I'll have yellow and burgundy (chianti they call it) sunflowers, pink quinoa, zinnias, red poppies and something called butterfly flower growing in the yard. Most of them get tall so I'm hoping to be wowed by their bright colors and prowess. 

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